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Tony Armer


Tony Armer is the Film Commissioner for St. Petersburg Clearwater (Pinellas County), FL.  He is an Award Winning Filmmaker.  He is the Co-founder and Former Executive Director of the Sunscreen Film Festival.  Producer, Director, Speaker, Traveler, Photography dabbler and some other adjectives we can’t say here.  Tony has developed, produced and directed top level award winning film, TV and media content over the years.  Concept development, writing, pitching, financing, production, sales and distribution.


I travel, a lot it feels like sometimes. For work and pleasure my adventures span the globe.  I’ve shot a documentary on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, attended the biggest film festival and tradeshow in the world in France and snowboard every year in the Swiss Alps.  Here’s a few select photographs I took.  I’m not a spectacular photographer but I enjoy it.  I’m using a Sony a7sii as my main camera or just my iPhone if that’s all I have with me.  You’ll see way too many pictures of my dog if you follow me on Instagram.


Some of my favorite projects I’ve done.  Portrait of a Superhero; this short documentary is winning awards and playing film festivals all over the world.

Bernie the Dolphin and now the sequel Bernie the Dolphin 2.  Lionsgate released this in theaters December 2018 and it’s being distributed in over 130 countries.

Running with Demons, this feature documentary won awards at multiple film festivals and is available on iTunes and other VOD platforms.

Events and More


  • Delayed post but pretending to know what I’m talking about on a panel at #CannesFilmFestival this year with what looks like Dave Deborde giving us the “shut up I’m talking hand”. Always fun to do one of these and especially @cannes_filmfestival a captive audience to listen to us blah blah blah for an hour or so.
  • Shot on glorious 8mm film and digital this movie blends the two formats to pay homage to the halcyon days of simpler movie making. Superhero (that is his first and last name) finds himself mysteriously in a secret underground location. Not sure where he's at or how he got there he must fight his way past a series of baffling assailants to be free. But he may not want to know what's on the other side of his so called freedom.

This weird little sci fi film was shot all in one day. The whole purpose was just to shoot something on super 8 film that was simple and fun. I mixed in some stop motion, slow motion at 120 fps and the guns are shooting blanks. The gun effects are practical and filmed live. No gun effects were added in post.

I shot on the Sony a7sii simultaneously with the super 8.  Then edited it all together to mix the formats. #Super8 #SonyA7sii #filmmaking #film #weirdmovie #shortfilm #super8film
  • One of the many reasons I love #StrangerThings is probably because I identify as a #NerdKid of the #80s. Grew up in the Midwest. Rode my bike everywhere, played #dungeonsanddragons loved #ComicBooks and had the same awful haircut as #WillByers. #Nerd #NerdsUnite @strangerthingstv Just finished rewatching season 2 and excited to start season 3! #NoSpoilers or I will haunt you from the #UpsideDown !
  • Worked my ass off for the last year after #TotalKneeReplacement #Surgery. I don’t normally post pics like this but I’m proud of how hard I’ve worked to get back. #Running slow but running again. Just once a week but I’ll take it. Maybe a bit of a douchey post but I’m old and don’t care that much anymore, lol. Crazy hot today on the 4th of July but gotta keep working! #HardWorkPaysOff #Workout #HardWork #Rehab #PhysicalTherapy
  • Diggin through some old pics and found @syd.mag on probably her first trip to Florida. Now that she’s all grow’d up I can post these “I’m your uncle squeeze your cheeks” type photos! @keitharmer33 doing what uncles do best holding kids upside down. @hsul1217
  • Who gave this guy a microphone? A few more pics of the awesome #FilmSummit with @filmflorida this past week. Our speakers were part of #OscarWinning and #OscarNominated #films #TheCove #Sideways #TheDescendants and #Nebraska, #Sundance hit #AssassinationNation, major studio marketing campaigns and huge #digitalcontent platform #SoulPancake. All panels were free to the community by the @filmstpeteclearwater film commission. Another huge thanks to @hollywoodhindu @ashgreyson @justfolayo #KrysanneKatsoolis #JohnJackson and Dave DeBorde! PhotoCredit @photogrod
  • #FrontRow for #AdamSandler show @amaliearena tonight, Thx Joe for the awesome night! surprised me didn’t know we had these seats. #RobSchneider was great too, I caught this #SpaceStation69 bag he threw out to the audience. The #ChrisFarley tribute was amazing, got a little choked up even. They were super strict with no phones and pictures and that actually made it more fun with no one watching the show through their phone.
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