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Tony Armer


Tony Armer is the Film Commissioner for St. Petersburg Clearwater (Pinellas County), FL.  He is an Award Winning Filmmaker.  He is the Co-founder and Former Executive Director of the Sunscreen Film Festival.  Producer, Director, Speaker, Traveler, Photography dabbler and some other adjectives we can’t say here.  Tony has developed, produced and directed top level award winning film, TV and media content over the years.  Concept development, writing, pitching, financing, production, sales and distribution.


I travel, a lot it feels like sometimes. For work and pleasure my adventures span the globe.  I’ve shot a documentary on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, attended the biggest film festival and tradeshow in the world in France and snowboard every year in the Swiss Alps.  Here’s a few select photographs I took.  I’m not a spectacular photographer but I enjoy it.  I’m using a Sony a7sii as my main camera or just my iPhone if that’s all I have with me.  You’ll see way too many pictures of my dog if you follow me on Instagram.


Some of my favorite projects I’ve done.  Portrait of a Superhero; this short documentary is winning awards and playing film festivals all over the world.

Bernie the Dolphin and now the sequel Bernie the Dolphin 2.  Lionsgate released this in theaters December 2018 and it’s being distributed in over 130 countries.

Running with Demons, this feature documentary won awards at multiple film festivals and is available on iTunes and other VOD platforms.

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  • #FogMachine test, I’ve had this thing forever and figured I should test it before I use it tomorrow. It’s a day off so I’ll do what any normal person would on an off day... Shoot a #shortfilm on #Super8 all in sequence with only one take per shot.
  • 80 degrees and sunny for last @buccaneers game of the season. A loss but who cares on a beautiful day. Fun game at least. #GoBucs @nfl #NFL #Buccaneers
  • I may have a problem, I own a great #mirrorless digital camera but couldn’t resist buying a #Bell&Howell #Super8 #film #camera from 1976 to shoot my next #shortfilm. #KodakFilm #KodakSuper8  @kodak_shootfilm @kodak Gonna shoot for the @straight_8_ competition because why not!
  • Walking on clouds at the #MagritteDali exhibit at #TheDali museum.
  • Terrible #bowling by me today but fun at the #WorkChristmasParty our team name was The Judy Garlands. Not my idea but I’m a good sport and played along.
  • You know it’s a good day when you search the movie apps and see the film you put so much time and energy into making happen premieres that day. @berniethedolphin_movie #BernieTheDolphin comes out today! If it’s not playing in your city you can still watch it on VOD and iTunes! @lionsgate #IndieFilm #Filmmaking #IndieFilmmaking @marinelandfl
  • Awesome pink #Sunrise leaving #London on @united headed home! #travelphotography #travelgram
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