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Tony Armer

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. - Seneca, Roman Philosopher.

Tony Armer is the Film Commissioner for St. Petersburg Clearwater (Pinellas County), FL.  He is an Award Winning Filmmaker.  He is the Founder of the internationally acclaimed Sunscreen Film Festival.  Producer, Director, Speaker, Traveler, Photography dabbler and some other adjectives we can’t say here.  Tony has developed, produced and directed top level award winning film, TV and media content over the years.  Concept development, writing, pitching, financing, production, sales and distribution.


I travel, a lot it feels like sometimes. For work and pleasure my adventures span the globe.  I’ve shot a documentary on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, attended the biggest film festival and tradeshow in the world in France and snowboard every year in the Swiss Alps.  Here’s a few select photographs I took.  I’m not a spectacular photographer but I enjoy it.  I’m using a Sony a7sii as my main camera or just my iPhone if that’s all I have with me.  You’ll see way too many pictures of my dog if you follow me on Instagram.


Some of my favorite projects.  Portrait of a Superhero; this short documentary wrapped it’s festival run in October 2019. It won multiple “Best Of” awards and screened at 25 film festivals all over the world.

Bernie the Dolphin and the sequel Bernie the Dolphin 2 were both theatrically released by Lionsgate and are distributed in over 130 countries.

Running with Demons, this feature documentary won awards at multiple film festivals and is available on iTunes and other VOD platforms.

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  • Great #sunset tonight from #TreasureIsland #pinksunset
  • Doing some purge cleaning and came across a few one sheets from projects 15-17 years ago I was working on. Also still have the #DVDCover from the first film I directed #MandatoryOvertime. Some friends I made on that film 16 years ago are still close friends today! @holdsuper
  • Episode 5 of #TonyAndTheBaldGuy Show.  Tony's Dad recently sent him a box of old toys from the 1980's that had been in the attic.  G.I. Joe, Star Wars and more.  We dig through the boxes of toys and discuss other awesome toys of the 1980's.  #StarWars, #GIJoe #Toys #1980's #Mego #ShogunWarriors #BionicMan #6MillionDollarMan
  • Although he had limited mobility #JabbaTheHutt was a damn good goalie in his pre-gangster days. Someone gave this to me forever ago and I still have it. So why not share. @escapeadulthood don’t know who #JasonKotecki is but thanks for drawing this some 20 years ago! #StarWars
  • Every time I see the new plexiglass at checkout at #Target it makes me want to the “Oh Billy” from #CableGuy  #JimCarrey @target
  • Some #oldschool Saturday #gaming #AxisAndAllies #WorldWar2
  • Episode 4 of #TonyAndTheBaldGuy our list of the Top 10 #Westerns #Millennials and younger have never seen.  Old Superhero and I have been doing this for years and a few of you have enjoyed it so this is our new show!  #Movies #Film
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