DEVELOPMENT: Terminal Kill AKA Can’t Stop the Dawn, in development.  Tony Armer wrote the awards finalist screenplay and is Directing. A terminally ill single mom is recruited by a mysterious agent to assassinate the ruthless leader of a human trafficking ring for the promise of a better future for her son.

One Last Job is an award winning short documentary completed in 2020. Playing film festivals worldwide. Feature film in development. Based on a true story. Pittsburgh, early 1980's, Carl is a husband and father of 3 young girls, a teacher and coach. The steel mill economy crashes, there's a teacher's strike and he ends up unemployed. Desperate to support his family he becomes an international drug smuggler and con man. After years in the business he's ready to get out. When a deal goes sour he ends up on the run from the Irish mob. In order to pay them back and return to his family he and his friends must pull off a daring heist in the Bahamas. This is Carl's One Last Job.

DEVELOPMENT: A Swiss ski patrol rescue Captain is forced to relive a single night over and over again in Purgatory.  He must make peace with his past before he can escape the void that lies somewhere between heaven and hell.